Hair Extensions 

We have two different types of extensions, after years of research, we believe they're the best of their kind. At Blushbar you can find either temporary hair extensions (halos) or permanent hair extensions in the form of tapes. 

We do not offer any other form of hair extension currently as we believe tapes are the least damaging on the hair whilst maintaining natural-looking lengths. 

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Want tape extensions tomorrow? We hold them in stock so you can have them quickly.  

We have tested lots of different types of extensions over the years and we love how comfortable, fast and convenient tapes are for our guests. We also feel they are the least damaging method of extensions which fits perfectly with our ethos of healthy hair.

Once you've purchased the initial set of hair, each set can be re-used up to a year with proper care and maintenance, so the only cost you'll need to factor-in for all-year wear, is the maintenance appointment for re-taping and cutting. 


What is the cost?

Please remember, that with good care and maintenance, your hair can last you up to a year of re-taping. So your initial cost is high, and then your ongoing costs are listed below. Only when you need new hair, do you need to budget for the hair again. 

Please note - cutting refers to the cut of extension hair only to blend with your existing haircut. If you require your own hair cutting, please add a cut & style service to your extension appointment. 

Just sides (where hair is most fragile) - 20g of hair 
Hair Cost - £84.12
Installation - £25.00
Total Initial Cost - £109.12
Ongoing Maintenance (Re-tape, cut, re-install) - £35.00  
*Please note, for just sides, this does not include a wash & blow dry. 

Quarter Head - 50g of hair 
Hair Cost - £177.72
Installation - £37.50
Total Initial Cost - £215.22
Ongoing Maintenance (Re-tape, cut, re-install, wash and blow dry) - £85.00 

Half Head - 100g of hair 
Hair Cost - £282.00
Installation - £75.00
Total Initial Cost - £357.00
Ongoing Maintenance (Re-tape, cut, re-install, wash and blow dry) - £105.00 

Full Head - 150g of hair  
Hair Cost - £412.00
Installation - £112.00 
Total Initial Cost - £524.00
Ongoing Maintenance (Re-tape, cut, re-install, wash and blow dry) - £150.00 




Half Head - £357.00


Full head - £524.00


Full Head - £524.00


Half Head - £357.00

Lovely Halo Extensions. 

The Lovely Halo is a luxury temporary hair extension that's new to the UK. The word "Halo" simply refers to the type of hair extension it is, in the same way that you might have heard micro-rings, bonds, wefts or clip-in's referred to. Be warned – not all Halo extensions are created equally; the Lovely Halo is the first halo to be made with a true blend of multi-tonal colours; a step that other manufacturers often skip due to the prohibitive cost of hand-blending multiple colours together.

The Lovely Halo sits on an invisible band about an inch from the front of your head. It's 160 grams of real, Remy, double-drawn hair that sits in one single piece. There are no multiple sections to worry about putting in, and there are no clips - meaning absolutely zero stress to the natural hair. Blushbar carries the full range of Lovely Hair in every colour they make. Due to the multi-tonal aspect of their hair, you'd be surprised just how much of a natural blend we can get with your natural hair colour, from ten colour choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the halo, are further down the page. 

The Lovely Halo is £360 inclusive of custom fit, cut and style at Blushbar . 

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The Halo Colours. 

If you have your heart set on a halo, please call us before travelling for an appointment. We have people come to us from far and wide for halos and our stock changes on a daily basis. If you would like to reserve a halo colour prior to your fitting appointment, please call us on 01702 470535 where we can take pre-payment for your halo to hold the stock for you - there is still no obligation to buy it on the day if you decide it's not for you, as long as we've not cut it yet. We can return your holding-charge easily, but we cannot guarantee not to sell a halo prior to your appointment without pre-payment of the halo colour.   



Midnight (In Stock)


Espresso (In Stock)








LA Blonde


London Blonde



Halo Frequently Asked Questions. 

How much do they cost? 
Each set is £360.00 inclusive of the cut, fit and style appointment. Colour matching appointments are free. We will not sell the Lovely Halo without a professional cut and fit appointment. 

How long do they last?
We have guests who wear these every day, in which case they can be expected to last between 6-8 months. If you're wearing them just for special occasions, you can expect longevity of well over a year with good care. 

How do I wash/care for them? 
Care for them as if they were your own hair. Wash them in good quality shampoo, smother them in conditioner or a good quality hair oil, as the hair is no longer receiving the natural oils from the scalp, so needs a little helping hand to keep hydrated. It's real hair so it can be tonged, curled or straightened, just like your own hair. 

What if my wire breaks?
The invisible wire that is attached to the halo extensions is exceptionally sturdy, however - if for whatever reason your wire breaks, we hold spare wire at Blushbar at all times. 

How do I put them on/take them off? 
We highly recommend watching the 1 minute Lovely Halo video at the top of this page - it will show you how easy these are to work with yourself. 




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